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Doing it for My Skin!

Lately, I have been seeing a huge difference in my skin. I have used many lotions such as eucerine, aveeno:eczema therapy, and Dove sensitive skin body wash. Although my skin has smoothed out, my rash and darkness continues to come back too often. When I ate high saturated meat, i would itch uncontrobly and rashes would pop out in many places. I guess as I’m getting older my body and eczema reacts differently.So I had an epiphany; what if I changed my eating habits?

I tried a vegetarian life a year ago for one month and that was strictly for fasting and praying.  I ate meatless chicken, veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and of course vegetables, (DUH!) The Whole time I was going through the process I found my self feeling full and satisfied, not full and heavy. I want that feeling back; only this time my main focus will be MY SKIN.

So now I want to try a 30 day oath to being a vegetarian taking it one step at a time. Meaning, if I eat meat during this process it will be  very low moderation. Im not really a big meat eater anyway; if I do it is mostly fish. I will also cut out sugars and sweets, keep it in low moderation as well. This Summer will be a life changer for skin and body. I’ll keep you posted on new regimens and new veggie finds. Stay tuned through my journey. Starting Now….. I went to Zoes Kitchen and fell in love with the:


Salmon kabobs (zucchini and salmon) and Orzo “Tabouli” Salad

Day #1

Smooches Veggies,

Angel Latrice

Beauty and The BEAST

Beauty and the beast is one of my favorite animated movies. To me, it represents unexpected love that is described as ugly and frightening. Now, I’m sure we all know the story about Belle and The Beast, how at first sight there was fear and misfortune but as they started to spend time with each other and learn about one another, all the fear and anger slowly drifted away. She saw the soft side of the beast. She saw how he didn’t like the way people sought him out. He didn’t want to be a bad person, he was just bitter and tired of being judged. But there was beauty in the ugly situations. I feel that beauty and the beast tells a story that all of us can relate to.

As I stated in my letter “Dear Skin I’m in” I reflected on my imperfect skin and I came to find love in my on natural skin. First, I will say that having eczema is not something I gloat about but Its apart of me and has been since I was a child. I would have these major flare ups that would make me itch to the point of me bleeding. Yes, that’s how serious it was. Over the years, I learned how to control my eczema so that I could be comfortable and not embarrassed but also still have my identity. I was picked on because I had dark spots on my arms, legs, and neck. I just shunned them away by just covering my skin up so that no one would see it. As the years went on I started to find myself in my eczema filled skin. I began to like my skin. I accepted it, eczema had become my beast, my beauty inside of the beast.

So, hear me when I say, don’t hate your flaw. Embrace your flaw. I believe that GOD gave us an imperfection so that we could see the beauty in simple wreckage. Find your soft side from whatever breaks you from feeling beautiful. What’s your Beast?


If you suffer from eczema as well, here’s a few items I found that help me improve my skin daily:

Beauty is Everything. Everyday. All-day

Hello Beauties! It’s Friday and am I excited or what! I get up every morning around 5:30/6:00 to get ready to start my day. I’m a educator at a middle school, Yes, MIDDLE SCHOOL (Help Me!) so I have to come in ready to hit the hallways with a purpose. I don’t have a lot of time to  take a s much time as I want to in the morning to make myself pretty but I would like to at least make my self look presentable. So I have 4 go-to’s. for my everyday look.

  1. 17332858_1291600187583509_5563587707663286272_n



         Ulta Beauty Lip oil with Green Tea+ Avocado | Body

This is the best lip oil I have tried.. Period. Its actually an oil not a gloss. Its not too glossy and has more of a moisturizing texture to it. I know when people hear oil they might think it is messy but “this right here” is worth trying. On top of that it smells great! You cant beat the tranquility of green tea with the smoothness of avocado. I love it ! Other Scents: Sweet rose, Black raspberry, Pomegrante, plus many more.

Try it you wont be disappointed. Find it at Ulta Beauty.

2. High-porosity-650x365



Shea Moisture | Natural

Now this is more of three in one LOL. I only use the Co-wash, Masque, and Finishing elixir. When I tell you that my hair has forever been changed………My hair is extra coily, natural, and thick so I need something thick to help me. This also smells amazing. After using this my hair shows its curls like never before.