Dear GOD

18160251_450043018664514_26580732256190464_nDear GOD,

I need you to know something. Something you already know but I just wanted to write you a love letter, the first of my many letters to you. I am truly grateful for your grace and mercy. I am in love with your love for me. When you see me you see my heart, my spirit, my soul, not my many faults. Let me explain….


What you have done for me is that the unexplainable. You brought me a long way mentally and spiritually. Every time I come into your presence I feel the joy fill inside my body. It’s like fire shut up in my bones. I never knew how much love I could feel for someone I have never seen. How do you do what you do? I find myself comparing you to past loves but often find out that no one can out number your blessings towards me. I am in awe of your work in me. Even at times of disobedience, I have still confided in you.  There have been times trusted you like I have trusted fire handled by a wooden spoon, followed you blindly while complaining, even furious with you at times of trouble, but all in all I never lost my faith in you. I asked for your forgiveness so many times.  You never have left me and I won’t dare leave you. For that I say thank you sir, I don’t know your plans for me nor do I question you in the process. I will continue to chase you because I know you’re leading me to my greatest destiny.


Love you forever,

Angel Latrice


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