Skin I’m In


Dear, Skin I’m In


First and foremost, Thank you.


Thank you for being unique and different just to fit me. I’m glad God chose you to be a part of my humanity. It’s amazing how at first I couldn’t stand you. Your mahogany richness was never the problem but the condition you were in made me tremble at times. Eczema. I would sometimes cover you up in embarrassment because I wasn’t like others. Not only did I have to ponder about the attack ON my skin, but I constantly thought about the attack OF my skin. That was before I knew your true beauty. I wanted you to be lighter and have a better/clearer skin complexion. The way society speaks of your pigment makes me wonder. Why? Why would they talk about such grace of a color? I soon enough found out that your imperfections were the greatest gift that God could have ever granted me. I want to keep your scars, your dark spots, your imperfect skin.


Without You, I wouldn’t be this humble person I am today. Looking at you in the mirror daily makes me smile. Even during the times of break outs and flare ups, I still think you are beautiful. I guess it’s because I have matured, or maybe I even realized that your appearance is great. I just wanted to write you a love letter to express my true feelings toward you. I don’t express my love for you often, but I will tell you that at the end of the day, no matter what people say about you, I will always find acceptance in you. Thank you.






Angel Latrice



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