Thirty Questions for 30…


Dear Thirty,

Where has the time gone? You’re approaching soon and I don’t think I am ready for you or what to expect. Many of my friends have told me different things that they have experienced.  The Good, The Bad, and even the ugly. But for the most part, they have made thirty sound fun. For me, I feel that Thirty is the year for crossover and for great change. Different people have different testimonies, I just want to know what my experiences will be.  So instead of friends and family telling me what to expect, I came right to the source. Thirty? I have 30 questions but the age aint one17596583_843965039075331_8990119819072241664_n


1.       Where do I begin?


2.       Why are you considered Old?


3.       Will I be happier?


4.       Wiser?


5.       They call you the new 20, so am I getting older wanting to become younger?


6.       Party life…..or stay home?


7.       Of all the great ways you are celebrated, What could be my crazy but exciting celebration for a introvert like me?


8.       Will I be financially stable?


9.       Will I be fly like Beyoncé’? (Please)


10.   I’ve noticed that when it comes to turning the big Three-O, the only people that seem to see it as a big celebration is WOMEN. What is that about? ( Emotional Effect)


11.   Are you really considered or is it just our my imagination?


12.   Why do people give women the look when we say, “I’m almost thirty”? 


13.   Will I be “Flirty” or “Dirty 30”?


14.   I see you as a breakthrough age, where everything happens to thrive. Is that true?


15.   Is there a new beginning on the horizon?


16.   Maybe…Marriage?


17.   Or (I would think I would need a man first) New Love?


18.   Or just maybe contentment?


19.   Is motherhood in the  near future?


20.   Friends…How many of us have them.. Will I lose friendships because of growth within myself?


21.   Or Gain weight because of unnecessary baggage?


22.   Will My Spiritual attitude grow?


23.   Will you show my true self ?


24.   Do I accept my flaws of my 20s?


25.   Does my 20s behavior follow me in to my 30s?


26.   What beauty enhancements will I encounter?


27.   Now, do I get what my parents meant “you’ll understand when you get older”?


28.   Does the stupid B.S end. Or just begin?


29.   Am I too late for my dreams?


30.   …..Or will I live in my purpose?




I simply cant wait to turn thirty I feel like my 20s have prepared me for you. So I will take it in stride. Walk in you without looking back  because I am ready for the huge change you have in store  for me.






Angel Latrice



Mona Lisa Smile

Dear Mona Lisa Smile,
You are my competitor. Your smile and grace captivates me in your breath taking portrait . Its not too soft but not to big and flashy. I love everything about you. The pose and style, the way your hair is styled perfectly, da Vinci did great work on you. But there is just one problem….Do you remember how I said you are my competitor? Well I meant it.
 Every once in a blue moon while walking, sitting, being human, I seemed to be approached by a man who always seem to notice my smile or may I say the lack of. The first thing they say is “Put a smile on your face pretty girl” or “You mad or something” but my all time favorite is(drum roll) “Smile Mona Lisa, smile you’re too pretty to be frowning”. If anything get on my nerves that would be it. Everyone wants me to be like you. What do I mean by that? If a man passes me by feels like I should have your effortless smile. In reality, Mona Lisa, I look like that  not to be mean or unapproachable…I have lot of things on my mind. Have men ever thought that maybe this is a powerful woman on the go who have fifteen million things to accomplish in a day? I’m not rude I’m just a woman walking in my purpose focusing on her next move. Ill smile at men, I smile in general but let me take care of my business please. So, Mona Lisa I admire you for your beauty and effortless poise but I cant always have your smile.
Angel Latrice